Our Company

The company ZOYMBOYLIS NIKOLAOS - VIOBRASS has been actively occupied with the design and manufacturing of hardware trade goods since 1972. It manufactures furniture handles, door and front door handles, hangers/rows of hooks & coat trees.

It is a family business whose members have been putting in a lot of work providing the best quality of their products while retaining a friendly relationship with their customers at the same time. The combination of the above with the really competitive prices has been able to continuously upgrade the position of the company in the Greek as well as the international market.

Since 2001 the company has been relocated at its new privately owned plant inside the industrial zone of Sindos in Thessaloniki. Here, the experience of 32 years in the field, the modern technological eguipment and the well-trained staff combined with the fact that the products are being manufactured in the factory from the first to the final stage give the opportunity of immediate delivery of the orders, while offering the best prices in the market along with guaranteed quality.