General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our company complies with the data protection policies stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 of the European Union. Our goal is to be as clear and transparent as possible, regarding the personal data we collect and process.

The personal data collected are the minimum necessary for the fulfilment of specific purposes, relating to the issuing of invoices and other supportive documents, adherence to tax legislation and performance of banking and other transactions with customers and associates, as well as other tasks linked to our objective, namely the processing and trading of metals.

Our company does not undertake any further personal data processing other than that necessary for the fulfilment of our contracts with our customers or associates, or the adherence to legislation. Furthermore, it does not share personal data outside the company, with other companies or entities, other than those strictly specified for the exercise of its trade or required by the state.

The company does not store personal data outside its premises, such as on other companies’ servers or the cloud. For the protection of its data, it applies all the latest technologies available, ensures their constant update, keeping them up to date with current developments, and has implemented the appropriate security and protection policies against loss or damage.

In line with the new General Data Protection Regulation, there is a process in place, designed to respond to requests relating to the exercise of the rights of natural persons- holders of the personal data.

The GDPR provides for certain rights of natural persons:

  • Access right: information on the data we hold on you and the way we process it. If required, we can supply you with a copy.
  • Correction right: correction of inaccuracies or errors, covering deficiencies and updating your data
  • Erasure right: deleting your data in case we are not keeping them for a specific, legal and declared purpose.
  • Objection right: object, at any moment, to our processing of your personal data, especially for direct marketing purposes or profiling.
  • Portability right: providing your data in a specific form or transferring it to another person at your request, provided it is technically feasible.

For further requests contact us on or +30 2310 796 885

It is our commitment to satisfy your requests in maximum one month period. In the rare cases that your request cannot be satisfied, we will immediately inform you about the reasons why.